Course in Danish Culture

The course aims at providing a broad introduction to Danish culture, history, literature and art.

Illustration created by Peter Carlsen

The course in Danish Culture is a course for international students taught in English and offered each semester. The course is offered only to international students admitted to the University of Copenhagen.

The course aims at providing a broad introduction to Danish culture. The focus is on Danish history, literature and art. During the course, the students will attend a number of excursions and lectures to get both a theoretical and hands-on experience of Danish Culture.

Course code: HDCB01092U
Credits: 7,5 or 15 ECTS
Duration: 1 semester
Available: Spring and autumn semester


Note: Example – subject to change

Lecture Theme
Lecture 1: Danish History I: Remembering Denmark
Lecture 2: Danish History II: Decolonizing Denmark
Lecture 3: Danish Cinema
Excursion: Showing of film
Lecture 4: Danish History III: Viking Age Denmark
Excursion: Frederiksborg Castle
Lecture 5: Danish Literature I
Lecture 6: Danish Literature II
Lecture 7: The Danish Culture of Eating
Lecture 8: Danish History IV: Democratizing Denmark
Lecture 9: Danish Architecture
Excursion: Copenhagen City Walk
Lecture 10: Danish Approaches to Sustainable Development
Lecture 11: Danish Music
Lecture 12: Danish Visual Arts
Excursion: Louisiana – Museum of Modern Art
Lecture 13: Danish Sex
Lecture 14: Danish History V: Danish Welfare Society
End-of-term Celebration