Undergraduate (BA) and graduate (MA) students from all universities can seek to enroll.

Application form needs to be submitted with the relevant documents mentioned in the form. Application deadline: 1 June (after availability)

Access the application form: Application form for International Summer Programme - Human Ways: 19C-21C Danish Architecture and Urban Design

All applicants, who have completed at least one year of a Bachelor’s programme, are eligible to apply.

Accepted students will be notified end April. Remaining seats may be filled with successful applicants from second round of applications (deadline 1st of June 2020).

Queries can be directed to Danish Culture Courses at dcc@hum.ku.dk.


Figures are estimates only.

Tuition fee for 7.5 ECTS:

EU/EEA/Swiss applicants             DKK 1.875
Non-EU/EEA/Swiss applicants        DKK 9.375
Non-EU etc. with permanent Danish residence permit      DKK 1.875
Students nominated as exchange students      No tuition fee
Danish applicants     DKK 1.875

Important: please refer to https://humanities.ku.dk/education/summer/ for further details.

Monthly rate approximately: DKK 4000-6000. Deposit: one month’s rent.

Living expenses: Approx. DKK 1700 for two weeks

Estimate of visa fee: Only for students from non EU/EEA and non-visa waiving countries. Approx. 90 € (excl. local fees)


Housing will be available through the UCPH Housing Foundation. In May, students will receive an email with an invitation to book accommodation through an online system. The available housing is typically single rooms in a student dormitory with access to kitchen/cooking equipment.


Please refer to: