Course programme


Primary themes: urban history and morphological developments; urban regeneration and transformation: inclusive urban places; participatory urban design; climate adaptation and resiliency; liveability; active urban places and playscapes

Day 1 (1 July 2020):
Lecture: Urban History of Copenhagen
Field Study: Blue Spaces: urban transformations along & in CPH inner harbour

Day 2 (2 July 2020)
Lecture: Public Space Transformations; Human scale & life between buildings
Field Study: Public Space Transformations; Human scale & life between buildings

Day 3 (3 July 2020)
Lecture: Top-down & Bottom-up Urban Design
Field Study: L.Q.C. & Place-based Tactical Urbanism

Day 4 (4 July 2020)
Lecture: Landscape Urbanism & Climate Mitigation
Field Study: Coupling Rainwater & Recreation

Day 5 (5 July 2020)
Lecture: Playscapes
Field Study: Playscapes & Health

Courtney D. Coyne-Jensen is an architect and urbanist, working with projects situated in the nexus of practice-teaching-research as a unity.  Currently, Sr. Lecturer and Program Head, and with an atelier based in CPH. Phenomenology, enaction, and co-creation underpin her multi-scalar praxis. Degrees include: PhD (KADK), M.Phil. (Cambridge Univ.), B.Arch. (DAAP). She has been the recipient of numerous grants, and publishes and exhibits internationally. She is also appointed External Examiner by the Ministry of Higher Education and Science for all higher artistic education programs in DK.


Primary themes: people, housing, and sustainability

Day 6 (6 July 2020)
Lecture: Public Space – Public Life & Multi-modal Transportation; Transformations of the city of Copenhagen over time
Field Study: Enghave Plads & Metro Stations

Day 7 (7 July 2020)
Lecture: Housing for People
Field Study: Housing and streetscapes

Day 8 (8 July 2020)
Excursion: Exploring three new city districts

Day 9 (9 July 2020)
Lecture: Architecture of Urban Recreation
Field Study: Architecture of Urban Recreation

Day 10 (10 July 2020)
Lecture: Contrasts in the Urban Landscape; From large to small scale – from old to new architecture

Lars Gemzøe is an architect M.A.A. who has been working both in practice, teaching and making research. He has been an associate partner at Gehl Architects and a senior lecturer of Urban Design at the School of Architecture in Copenhagen as well as teaching at DIS, Danish Institute for Study Abroad. He is an external lecturer at the University of Copenhagen since 2005 and he has been teaching and lecturing at numerous universities and at conferences around the world.øe-20445b10