Summer school

Human Ways: 19C-21C Danish Architecture and Urban Design - Cancelled

This course is cancelled due to the Covid-19 emergency. The course will be available in 2021. Keep yourself updated on the website for further information about the 2021 course if you are interested.

An international summer school (BA-level, 7.5 ECTS) at the University of Copenhagen.

Application deadline: Cancelled. See the course catalogue

This course is for students who would like to experience, study, and analyse contemporary Danish architecture and urban design first-hand. In this course, the city of Copenhagen is our primary classroom; with ‘walking tour lectures’, independent field studies, group seminars, and collegial debates being unfolded on-site, across a diversity of places within the metropolis. (All sites can be easily reached via public transport, and/or by bicycle and on foot.) In short, place-based interpretative studies and onsite analyses, along with vital course literature, are entwined to offer grounded ways of questioning and understanding essential qualities in person-environment relationships.

Via specific case studies, this two-week intensive summer course tackles such wider themes as urban history, urban regeneration, architectural transformation, human scale and the everyday, liveability, sustainability, climate adaptation, multi-modal transport, participatory urban design, playscapes and urban recreation.

In addition to the daily onsite course contents, one full day of the course is allocated to a chartered bus excursion and guided tour exploring diverse contemporary urban developments along the waterfronts of both Copenhagen and Malmö (Sweden). The urban projects will be comparatively analysed with, amongst other things, a concentration on the interrelationships between private, public, and semi-public/private realms.

The primary assignment for the course is a critical and analytical logbook. It is a place-based daily learning tool and a daily learning practice that challenges students to couple emplaced and embodied ways of knowing with more traditional forms of scholarly literature citation; grounding theory in place. Every walking-tour lecture and field study entails one required logbook entry/page, and each entry must combine textual and visual analyses alike. The logbook as a whole is due in digital format at the end of the course, before 12:00 noon on Monday 13 July 2020.

ETC: Regarding the overall course duration, please note that as a student enrolled in this course, you will be studying full-time during the course days of 01-10 July – that is with the weekend days of 04-05 July being included as required lecture and field study days (09:00-17:00). The last required teaching day is Friday 10 July, whereupon Saturday 11 July  and Sunday 12 July  are to be used for finalising the logbook assignment and/or optional self-studies.